Accessible Content Is Better Content

Blackboard Ally for Websites integrates with the CMS and helps organizations gain immediate insight into how accessible the website content is and determine the best path forward to creating a more inclusive web environment.

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Making Your Web Content Accessible

With first impressions being as important as ever, the quality and usability of design plays a key part in making sure a visitor stays on a site. Creating more accessible content can help improve the digital experience for everyone.


Blackboard Ally Reporting interface displayed on desktop.

Continuously Monitor

Get consistent feedback on your content’s accessibility and easily monitor changes.​

Accessibility test results displayed on tablet and mobile phone.

Efficiently Check What Matters

Automatically checks content for accessibility issues against our accessibility checklist based on key areas of the WCAG 2.1 A.A. standard.

Ally scan results of pages displayed on laptop.

Prioritize With Confidence

Offers insight into the overall accessibility performance and a breakdown of issues to allow for prioritization of resources.

Know Your Content with Blackboard Ally for Websites

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