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Ongoing program assessment is vital for maintaining accreditation, and for ensuring that the education that students receive is in line with curricular goals. A consistent and systematic evaluation process is at the heart of any strategic effort aimed at continual improvement. But it is also frequently burdensome, time consuming, resource intensive, and disassociated from the teaching and learning process.

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Pat Schmohl

Dean of Distance Learning & Professional Development, Quinsigamond Community College

We’ve minimized the burden of assessment as faculty participation requires only a few clicks, evaluators can do their assessments when and where they desire, and the results are near real-time which supports more timely conversations.

“Blackboard saves us time; time that is instead focused on the more value-added aspects of assessment, like methodological improvements and instructional improvements.”

Chris Duke, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment & Accreditation at San Jacinto College

Key Benefits

Institutional Assessment is the Key to Continuous Improvement

See how Blackboard’s Assessment and Accreditation Solution can help you streamline institutional assessment and improve student success.

View this video of our Primary Assessment Solution that leverages in-course, instructor scored rubrics and use of exams for aggregated student performance data on SLOs across programs and courses.

Juried Assessment video coming soon.

Dr. Saheer Al-Jaghoub, Associate Professor & Dean at UOP’s Faculty of Administrative & Financial Sciences

How the University of Petra Became an Internationally Accredited Institution

The use of the EAC Visual Data tool, which leverages Blackboard Learn to deliver detailed course-level data on student learning, has contributed to improving teaching and learning processes at the university.

READ THE STORYRead all about the University of Petra's journey with Blackboard Assessment & Accreditation solution.

Tina Babb at Amarillo College discussing Blackboard Analytics.

Solve Accreditation & Assessment Challenges

Seamlessly integrated into Blackboard LearnTM, Blackboard Assessment & Accreditation streamlines the collection of student work, takes the hassle out of workflow management, and automates institutional reporting. By making assessment easier and faster, institutions can move beyond compliance reporting, and use the data at their fingertips to continually improve program quality and see students succeed at higher rates.

Coupled with primary assessment technology and a rich set of consulting services, our complete Assessment and Accreditation Solution provides step-by-step implementation guidance to ensure operational sustainability and growth across campus.


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Blackboard Is Your Partner in Institutional & Student Success

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