In 2012, Paulo Costa ’14 landed a summer internship with Goldman Sachs that promised him more money than his parents made in a year. But he turned it down.

Instead, Costa began research in Brazil under the University’s Edward A. Bouchet Undergraduate Fellowship, seeking to combine his shared interests of economics and education. Since beginning his initial research two years ago, Costa has created and implemented a financial education program for high school students in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro that has gained international media attention. Now a Yale senior with plans to pursue a Ph.D. in economics, Costa aims to expand his program as it continues to improve financial literacy among Brazilian students and their families.

“The program is an experiment,” Costa explained. “One thing that I always knew was that Brazil is always at the bottom of the international ranks when it comes to mathematics. I had a suspicion that math had something to do with the low levels of financial literacy in Brazil.”

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