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SmartPay offers a one-stop electronic payment processing solution for credit card transactions. Your campus has the ability to determine which type of charges will carry a convenience fee or service fee. When a student makes a payment against that charge, they will be assessed the convenience fee or service fee. The student is notified several times during the transaction that a fee is being assessed.

With SmartPay, credit card information is not stored on campus. Higher One uses a multi-layered approach to security and privacy to help reduce risk to your campus and house data in a secure environment.


Benefits for your staff

  • Streamline business office operations while Higher One handles credit card  reconciliation, chargebacks, refunds and voice authorizations
  • Funds, previously paid as credit card fees, can be redirected for capital projects, schools progams, etc.
  • Integration with the full Payment Solutions site
  • Toll-free customer service number for students and their authorized third-party payers
  • Operates independently or in conjunction wtih eMarket and ePayment
  • Helps your campus to be PCI-compliant


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a shared course for success

Helping you guide your students on their path toward their academic success is our main focus. The most effective student success programs help support students in their academic, social and financial lives—especially through their first and second years. Your office is ideally positioned to help students succeed—find out how we can help you do that more efficiently and effectively.


Our Refund Management® Disbursement Service and CASHNet® Payment Solutions help empower your students to quickly receive their financial aid or other refunds, or easily make payments to your campus. With Higher One, you can ensure your students are equipped for success. In addition, our offerings help your office improve efficiency, enhance student service and be compliant wtih the various rules and regulations which apply to refund disbursements or payments.

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With ePayment, your campus gives students, parents and other authorized users the ability to view current balances and securely make payments over the web, while simultaneously helping campuses streamline operations and reduce costs.

benefits for your staff

  • Collect credit, debit and electronic ACH payments anytime, anywhere over the web
  • Accept multiple tender types to enable your business office to accomodate the needs of parents, students and authorized users
  • Offer convenient payment options to allow students to pay in full, in installments, automatically or at a later date
  • Use our User Emulation module to view a portal exactly how a student does
  • Process transactions securely on a PCI DSS-validated platform designed to help you be compliant with applicable standards and laws
  • Easily integrates with many ERP systems

key features for students and authorized users

  • Different payment options including credit card, ACH, debit card, campus card, foreign currency
  • Hassle-free international payments accepted with Western Union integration
  • Self-service with single sign-on campus portal integration available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Recurring payment options
  • FERPA-compliant parent PINs set up by the student, so they remain in full control of their own account
  • A single sign-on function that allows for quicker acces to account information



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