Client Snapshots

Client Snapshot: Dominican University



As Controller of Dominican University, Dick Walstra faced challenges on multiple fronts. First, the University was growing, both in student population and in diversity of program offerings. However, the student billing processes that had evolved over the years were informal and increasingly ineffective. The small team of three staffers in the Bursar’s office struggled to keep up. “In-house processing was a mix of students paying at the Student Accounts Office and students or parents sending in or calling in credit card information,” said Walstra. “It was a costly and tedious process.” Second, while Dominican planned to offer an online bill payment solution, the school was concerned that credit card fees, already $200,000 per year, would grow as adoption increased. “We expected the cost would grow substantially with the ease of an online payment solution,” said Walstra. This concern was exacerbated by the school’s awareness that by accepting online payments, it would need to comply fully with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), a complex and potentially expensive undertaking.

Finally, Dominican had set a mandate to increase student retention through improved customer service. To achieve this goal, Walstra recognized the need to implement clear and consistent billing and payment processes that encouraged student compliance. “In effect, the processes we had in place were too informal and passive, with little incentive for students to get matters resolved,” Walstra said. 

Client Snapshot: Midlands Technical College


Approximately a month into each semester at Midlands Technical College, administrators would begin their annual midlandsstudent financial aid refund process. This entailed multiple trips to the Computer Operations office on a remote campus (twenty minutes away), manually sorting through trays of checks, counting over five thousand checks (each semester), and transmitting student financial aid data for each student. In addition to the staff time required to manage this labor-intensive refund procedure, administrators had to maintain compliance with recent government regulations that became increasingly stringent. Staff at Midlands Technical College were reaching their wits end when, at a conference, they heard a presentation about the variety of services and customer support Higher One could provide.

Client Snapshot: Ohio University

ERP System: PeopleSoft


ouws_front_0309_ohiogrLocated in Athens, Ohio University is the state’s oldest public institution of higher learning. With over 18,000 undergraduate students, the university faced difficulties with its student payment process. Prior to using the Payment Processing suite of payment products, the University had a labor-intensive payment method. It took 3-5 days to post a payment to a student’s account or to the general ledger. Cashiers would take payments and validate the “fee card” through the cash register. At the end of each day, the bursar’s office would balance the cash register, sort the “fee cards” and compare the fee card total to the cash register total.

The administrative burden of monitoring and balancing the process became cumbersome. The delay in posting payments created extra work for staff and students had trouble accessing services during the delay in payments being posted to their account. This exhausting process caused frustration for both students and staff.

Client Snapshot: University of Maryland, Baltimore


Located in West Baltimore and comprised of over 6,000 students, the University of Maryland, Baltimore is part of the UMB_logo4University System of Maryland. Devoted to professional and graduate education, the University works hard to offer its students the latest technological advancements. In doing so, UMB administrators intended to provide their student body with a more efficient way of receiving Financial Aid and other refunds. Previous to using Refund Management®, the University distributed all refunds by paper check. This laborious process made both administrators and students dissatisfied.

Client Snapshot: Houston Community College



Located in Texas with multiple campuses, Houston Community College faced numerous obstacles for distributing refunds and processing payments. The College’s previous online payment system had limited functionality and actually hindered students from making payments. In addition, traditional disbursement methods delayed the refund process and students would not receive their money in a timely manner. Furthermore, HCC faced the arduous challenge of collecting student addresses and keeping banking information secure. These difficulties, as well as unsatisfied students, prompted the need for change.

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