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EWU wins grant promoting financial literacy

By Katie Dunn
October 9, 2014

Eastern Washington University is one of 21 colleges across the United States to receive a Financial Literacy Counts grant from Higher One.

Higher One is a public company affiliated with The Bancorp Bank that administers refund management and payment services for over 1,900 colleges and universities. According to Higher One, this is the fourth time they have offered the Financial Literacy Counts grant, a program established to provide the means for increasing financial literacy and awareness in college students.

With the grant money, Eastern is proposing a four week project to educate students about basic budgeting, credit cards, managing debt and credit scores through workshops, training modules, guest speakers and presentations.

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Student Affairs, Boards, and Rebuilding the Public Trust

By Kevin Kruger
October 2014

Higher education pundits often produce lists of the top 10 potentially tricky topics and issues they believe campus leaders, especially board members, should have on their radar screens in the coming academic year. Those lists will often include sexual assault, alcohol and other drug-abuse prevention, violence prevention, student retention, mental-health concerns—the list could go on and on. What board members should recognize about such a litany is that those responsibilities usually fall to student affairs professionals.

From my vantage point as head of the international association of student affairs administrators, including student affairs so prominently in those lists makes sense and is appropriate. Our areas of expertise are most often where the rubber meets the road with regard to student engagement and where institutions receive the most negative press. But, I also believe it is healthy to broaden the discussion of student affairs beyond immediate, pressing issues and potential vulnerabilities to include strengths and opportunities that should be top-of-mind for board members.

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 Yahoo Finance

Credit Card Tuition Payment Survey 2014:Fees, restrictions wipe out dreams of rewards

By Sienna Kossman
October 6, 2014

Students and parents looking to pay a large college tuition bill with a credit card to earn rewards should expect to add a 2.62 percent convenience fee for the privilege of doing so, according to a CreditCards.com survey.

That fee, which would add $262 to a $10,000 tuition payment, is big enough to make paying tuition by credit card unattractive to rewards cardholders, since the fee more than wipes out most rewards.

The survey looked at tuition payment options offered by 300 U.S. private, public and community schools -- the largest 100 of each class of school, based on attendance.  

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Money Mistakes Freshmen Can Make if You Don't Talk to Them About It

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By Mary Johnson
September 25, 2014

Now that students are in the swing of classes, financial issues can start to catch up with them, so it's a good time to check in and make sure things are on the right track. It's really important for parents to keep communicating, so in addition to sharing the latest family updates, offering some timely suggestions on personal finances can't hurt -- especially for those who haven't had a lot of experience managing money on their own.

1. One of the most common freshmen money mistakes is overspending and trying to keep up with peers on eating out and other entertainment. If they are blowing through their cash too quickly, remind them that one way to save money is to take full advantage of their meal plan as well as other free amenities on campus that you have already paid for. Spending just $7 on lunch four times a week, for example, adds up to more than $1,450 a year.


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Before Higher One, our students only had one way to get their refunds, and that was by paper check. With Higher One processing refunds for us, it has allowed us to provide more options for our students without having to enter and store student banking information. We also no longer have to handle sorting, stuffing and mailing thousands of checks.Suzanne ClaggettUniversity of West Florida
Higher One’s experience with college students and their focus on serving colleges distinguishes Higher One from all other financial service providers. We really liked the fact that the community college customer base is expanding for Higher One.Carla Chance St. Louis Community College

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